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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013

PSA Warning!

PSA Warning!

This is a Facebook integration/twitter test and a PSA warning.


This is a typical member of C.U.T.E. if you see them in your immediate vicinity, steer clear and walk quickly away. If you stop, there is no help coming for you, they are highly dangerous and very intelligent. They are different from the garden variety rabbit or bunny we typically see at our local pet store or running around in fields. They are not afraid of human contact, in fact they want your attention even if it means placing themselves in harm’s way in order for you to rescue them. They will make you emit “Awww’s” or “Ohhh’s” and in some reported cases make you adoringly love them for no particular reason. We believe they are here to eat all your carrots (they are good for your vision you know) and ultimately take over the world.