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Posted by on Feb 17, 2014

Fluffdate: Um…I’ll have someone look into that.

Fluffdate: Um…I’ll have someone look into that.

Ahh…it’s good to be Hoplord.

We, the illustrious Bunners have finally returned to our lovely home Hoppington VI after yet another successful conquest. After travelling the stars looking for planets to invade and carrot patches to pillage, it’s nice to have a good night’s sleep in your own den. And oh, the carrots we found! There was everything from carrots as big as we are to these liiiittle tiny baby ones! There was even one place where they literally grew on the trees!

I must say though, that this latest campaign has only intensified my wanderlust. In fact…even now, I feel the need for more. MORE! It’s an aggressive need. It haunts me! Can you hear it? Shh…listen! ………Yes, yes! But what? What is it I need? I must know. For it is in the knowing…that we get to…the getting…and that’s the best part! Right?!