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Posted by on Feb 18, 2014

Fluffdate: …is it Bunday? It feels like Bunday…ugh…

Fluffdate: …is it Bunday? It feels like Bunday…ugh…

Regardless – the day is FINALLY HERE! The latest object of my desire has been revealed to me! I saw it in a dream, just floating there like the roundest, bluest carrot you ever saw. Well, there was some green stuff on it too, but we can take care of that. All in good time! We can’t have such a RIDICULOUS colour as green spoiling the lustrous blue sheen of a perfectly good roundcarrot, can we? Oh, no!

In any case, the Hoppington VI global research team were roused from their dens IMMEDIATELY following my vision. They shall work tirelessly until they find my bulbous prize. The cosmos shall be combed – no galaxy is too far, no path is too treacherous to keep me away! It. Is. MY. DESTINY!

P.S. – Note to self, speak to calendar maker about lack of calendars. What is he even doing all day?!