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Posted by on Feb 19, 2014

Fluffdate: Day 1 of Bunner Invasion… because that’s all that matters.

Fluffdate: Day 1 of Bunner Invasion… because that’s all that matters.

We’ve initiated Operation: Fluffy Bushy Tail of Doom and I think we found our advanced team too. Such a joyous day indeed!

This is a moving picture taken by humans on the island they call Okunoshima… humans have strange naming conventions.

Anyway my Bunners, while rolling… what? You mean trolling? Flufftenant feed that Bunner extra carrots. I want him fat!

As I was saying… rolling around on what they call the Internet and reading this thing call news, from a site called Viral Nova, they found on YoooToob… YouTube. Again with the interruptions… why haven’t you dealt with that one yet Fluffykin!

No matter, this is cause for celebration as I believe the Bunners in the video to be the long-lost advanced scouts we sent to Earth. I didn’t know where they had landed when I sent them but the humans have dubbed this island, Rabbit Island! That’s way better than the other one. It appears my poor little Bunners are being used for human amusement, they seem to have devolved but we will not forsake them!!

Bunners, this is how we will achieve world domination! We will free them from the humans and re-evolve them back to full fledged Bunners!!

Run free Bunners! Run free!!

After you’ve watched the real-life bunny invasion, you can download and play Bunnies & Buses by clicking on the images below for your appropriate mobile device.