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Posted by on Feb 23, 2014

Review Round Up

Review Round Up

We’ve had two reviews of Bunnies and Buses this week that we’d like to share with you all.

The first review, written on launch day, was by Best Apps Market, an app/website that reviews Android apps. They had this to say about Bunnies and Buses.

An interesting and funny take on tower defense that’s pretty fun.

You can read the rest here

The second review was by a website called App Advice. A much more in depth review, and for a feature they call “Quirky App of the Day”.

This is a fun game to play that is challenging despite the adorable bunnies. The combination of high carrot counts and disappearing Bunners during the level requires you to think hard about placement and how to replace the Bunners you lose. This is a great new take on tower defense games.

The rest can be found on App Advice