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Posted by on May 6, 2014

The Bunners Have Invaded New York City!

The Bunners Have Invaded New York City!

We’re proud to announce the first major update and content addition to Bunnies and Buses!

Bunnies and Buses 1.1 is now available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



Grand Hoplord Fluffins has set his sights on New York City and intends to replace all of the hard-working citizens of New York City with his C.U.T.E Agents!


The NYC map pack is an in-app purchase, so it isn’t immediately available. The pack itself costs $1.99 and you not only receive 15 new maps but we also disable the in-game ads permanently.

On top of the new setting we’ve added two new game modes – Hardcore and Survival.

Hardcore mode removes all of the visible paths from the map making it much harder to determine how the people will be making their way to the bus.

Survival mode does the same thing but adds a twist. There is no end to the wave of pedestrians. Last as long as you can and compete against other Bunner commanders!

We’ve also added a new Phone specific UI, something most phone players will be happy to hear about!

Now go get those carrots!

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