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Posted by on Aug 9, 2014

Quasar Saturday!

Quasar Saturday!


With each week’s progress on Quasar that we are making in Unreal Engine 4, the excitement among us here at OSnap Games these past few weeks have been on John’s progress of our first ship, the Warbug. If you have not seen last week’s screens, check them out!

So a change of pace is in order and here’s the first look at a couple of the user interface screens that we are planning to use in Unreal Engine’s Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG). A login screen, not very exciting yet but imagine the background moving behind it.

Quasar Login Screen

Here’s the main screen with the launcher window overlay (which is a separate window).

Quasar Main Screen & Launcher

The background for the screens are skyboxes planned for in-game, so imagine a 3D element like a planet, or space station, or space carrier, you get the idea… beneath the user interface. Completion is still awhile away though. Lots of things still on the table for Quasar!

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