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Posted by on Nov 1, 2014

All Three Ships in Action

All Three Ships in Action

So we showed the Scarab on it’s own in-engine last weekend and this weekend we have in-game footage of it and the other two ships battling it out.

We’ve been busy working on arena size this week. The arena in Quasar is procedural and depending on the number of maximum players the game can have the arena will grow and shrink. Current plan is to have a maximum of 16 players per game, and as few as 4.

Also spent some time playing with visual effects. If you compare this footage with previous weeks you’ll notice that the asteroids look much more like rock and less like wet rock. Also added a light to the laser projectiles. That is something we’ll be testing heavily though, very much concerned about the ramifications of having that many lights in a scene.

Lots of work left to do. Planning on having our first external play test this Thursday at TFS Jam 2.