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Posted by on Feb 28, 2015

Projectile Pooling and More Playtest Footage

Projectile Pooling and More Playtest Footage


Another week and more progress on Quasar. Don’t worry though, we haven’t forgotten about Velocity Racing, we have updates coming on it as well!

This week we were focused on some of the effects, new and old, as well as performance issues that have been cropping up during our playtest sessions. We found after testing the new arena generation algorithm that there was still some performance hiccups when the map became larger and had more players. The server we’re testing on isn’t exactly powerful but we’d much rather have it run on a less powerful server so that we can have more instances running on a single server at a time, therefore keeping costs down.

The issue primarily existed when projectiles were being fired. The solution we’ve come up with, and will test this weekend during our weekly playtest, is reusing projectiles when they’ve been removed rather than allowing them to be handled by UE4’s garbage collector.

During development of this solution I had made a few errors in the code handling the reuse and ended up with this effect.

We’ll likely reuse it for some kind of power up, unintentional cool effect but not what I was going for!

We’ll release a tutorial of some sort explaining how we went about implementing object pooling in UE4 in the future.


That’s it for this weekend! Here’s fun short clip from last weekends play test.

Warning! Some explicit language is contained within, we’ve found the game tends to illicit that reaction out of people.