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Posted by on Apr 4, 2015

Introducing the Cloak Ability and a Whole Lot of Balance

Introducing the Cloak Ability and a Whole Lot of Balance


Earlier in development when we were deciding what abilities to give to what ship class John, a big lover of the heavy class ships, badly wanted to add a cloak ability to the game. So much so that in his spare time he created the perfect material for it and waited until it was time to use it. This week while we were tackling some more balancing we decided why not introduce cloak as an ability any ship class can use to replace their class specific ability. It’s also the only ability that is available from the moment the player begins their Quasar journey because it isn’t an ability that adds a big advantage to the player using it. It’s more of an ability that allows you to escape sticky situations.



The cloak effect can be seen very quickly at the beginning of the clip. John (CogniacColonel) materializes just as I fly by his position. You can even see a few of my lasers hit him.

One other change we added to the game this week was an increased rate of fire for all weapons. After seeing the results of the increased rate of fire provided by the power up we felt the game would be even more exciting if the standard rate of fire was slightly faster. Weapons saw between a 50% and 100% increase in rate of fire and the result is a whole lot of fun.

We’re trying to plan more development based updates explaining in greater detail the design behind the game, and some of its inner workings. The next big facelift we’re undertaking is a Hangar overhaul. When complete we’ll show it off and also take a look at Quasar itemization, and discuss the different types of items currently available in the game.

We can’t wait to start showing this game off at expos. May is approaching quickly and we have three scheduled for that month alone.

That’s it for this weeks Screenshot Saturday! Thanks for reading!