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Posted by on May 27, 2015

Quasar has been Greenlit and Other News!

Quasar has been Greenlit and Other News!


If you have not heard, Quasar has been given the Greenlight on Steam today!

2015-05-27 20_11_58-Steam

Happy days ahead! We have also returned from Ottawa International Game Conference (@OIGConf) yesterday. Short summary, we had a fantastic time there and even had a chance to check out Parliment the Sunday before the conference. Ryan got John and I hooked on Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurants on Netflix as we watched it every night since arriving in Ottawa late Saturday night. Boo to Thrifty and Budget car rentals, not only to your prices, also your rental policy sucks. Thank you National Alamo for giving us a smooth ride to take to Ottawa and back!

We checked out Dunn’s Famous Deli after the first social mixer at Arc Hotel on Sunday and went to the official party at Maker Space North the Monday night. Thank you Catherine Bisson (@catherinebisson), our organizer, for giving us a lift back downtown, very much appreciated! Wish we had taken pictures at these events to show… lesson learned. Next time for sure!

We met some very awesome people and developers while showcasing Quasar at the National Arts Centre where the OIGC was held. Thank you to the sponsors, organizers, and support/volunteer people from OIGC! Fantastic experience, we hope to do it again next year! We left OIGC with a lot of valuable feedback and positive impressions from Henrik Jonsson (@IonSwitz) from Ghost Games EA, Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) from Vlambeer, Astrid Rosemarin (@astridrosemarin) from Execution Labs, Jonathan Simon from Magmic and many, many others. I’d like to name them all but in all honesty it’s been such a blur to me personally after meeting so many people in such a short time.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take at the National Arts Centre.


We had to rushed home yesterday (left the conference early and missed the finale) and did a podcast with Space Game Junkies. Exciting time talking about Quasar and playing it with our hosts Brian, Hunter, and Jim!

Is it a coincidence that after talking with them we got the Greenlight the very next day? Regardless, awesome news to wake up to before we’re back to working on Quasar.