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Posted by on Sep 12, 2015

PAX Prime Post-Mortem

PAX Prime Post-Mortem

I had intended on writing this on the flight home from Seattle but I was completely worn out. The day immediately following PAX I felt like I could show Quasar again for another four days until early afternoon where I must have hit some sort of mental brick wall.

I’ve never experienced a show that had as much going on as PAX Prime did. Picking up the badges almost seemed surreal as it was happening. We had arrived, and we were ready to show the gaming world Quasar.


We didn’t have a lot of time to setup, and it felt like we were taking our lives into our own hands being in such a chaotic environment so we quickly dropped the TV’s off, made sure everything worked as intended after the long flight to Seattle, and began preparing for our stream at Amazon HQ.

2015-08-27 13.50.19


The stream at Amazon did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. We realized shortly before the stream that we should likely ensure we can access Steam and our servers via Amazon’s network. We could not, but have no fear! We connected our machines via our cell phones so we could still show the game in all its online-multiplayer glory!

2015-08-27 22.05.16

Somehow all of the pictures of the first day turned out blurry. Likely the excitement… Yeah, that’s what we’ll go with. The only one that was clear was this one of myself and Josh goofing off once the expo hall had closed. We’d had a few drinks at this point…


We went home after mingling with some of the other developers and walking the other halls that were now empty to take it all in. Day one was behind us and we could go home and try to relax. We managed to get a few hours of sleep and despite the anticipation of what we’d heard as the busiest day at PAX looming ahead of us the next morning required coffee ASAP.

Day two was insanity. We’re convinced we’re expo pros now having been through something as hectic as PAX Prime is. It wasn’t long after the doors opened to the hall that we had our first players for the day. It felt like a constant stream of players from start to finish. You can check out the video at the bottom of this post to see a time-lapse of day two.

2015-08-29 12.35.14



2015-08-29 12.35.54-1




Day three was equally as busy as day two. It also seemed to be the day of cosplay at our booth. We were visited by Hagrid, Batman, Kratos, and everyone’s favourite Vienna Sausage.

2015-08-30 12.09.58









Day four was a more laid back day but still quite busy when compared to our previous shows. We also captured this day in time-lapse but with game footage as well.

PAX Prime was an absolute blast and we met a lot of amazing developers and gamers at the show. Every time we’ve shown Quasar we always walk away feeling like we’re on to something but this time felt diffent… We felt a kind of validation that we hadn’t felt with smaller shows. We’d made a connection with the gamers we’re making this game for on a scale we weren’t previously able to, and it felt fantastic. Thanks to everyone who took time to come by the Quasar booth and play the game or just talk with us. You made the experience that much more memorable for us.