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OSnap! Games was founded in early 2012 by a small group of game developers who were tired of the way modern studios worked.

The shared vision among the founding members was to create a highly competitive video game studio here in Toronto, Ontario that Canada can call its own. We set out to create fun and compelling games in an environment that encourages the creativity and collaboration that a successful video game studio requires. OSnap! Games also recognizes the importance of a strong and loyal fan base and because of that we have a very open line of communication with our community through our forums, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

We believe that combining a healthy corporate culture and an active communication channel with our players will allow us to create highly successful games, and a very strong relationship with our community.

aka. Ryan Luck

picOverlawled I’m Overlawled and I’m the Technical Director here at OSnap Games. The name comes from a previous job where my co-workers started calling me The Overlord which slowly turned into Overlawled. I’ve never been good with handles/nicknames and took a liking to it so it just stuck.

Professionally I’ve been a game developer for five and a half years, most of my time spent in either mobile or social game development.

I got my start in mobile back before smart phones and every phone had its own implementation of Java, it was a nightmare for developers. I enjoy making fun games, it’s all I want to do. If I enjoy playing a game we’ve made, and one other person enjoys it, we’ve done our job.

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aka. Blaise Lacktis

picBadmath I’m Badmath. I write and record the music at OSnap Games and handle the social media creation side of things. Music has been very important to me as I come from a very musical family, one where the average holiday gathering ends up turning into a jam session

My career in music started the same as most musicians, playing in garages and small gigs trying to learn the trade. I recorded multiple full length albums as a studio-guitarist and ended up being a touring guitarist for a solo project. After awhile, I took a break from the professional music scene, I decided to write and record my music from then on and in 2010 co-founded/co-hosted a weekly airing family-friendly podcast. I used my year-long position hosting this podcast as an opportunity to learn more about the recording and technical side of a studio. I hope to use my knowledge and experience to create the soundtrack to plenty of epic gaming moments

Games have always been a big part of my life. Being a kid with parents that traveled the country singing city-to-city, video games became my favourite past-time. Even after growing up and traveling myself, video games gave me an avenue to hang out with friends no matter where I was.

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aka. John Olabode

I’m CogniacColonel a 3D Artist here at OSnap Games. I specialize in Modeling, and Texturing. I create 3D assets for our projects.

I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember spending many hours drawing and painting comic book characters. My introduction to video games began at Madrid Airport in Spain watching a kid play a hand held version of Donkey Kong. Years later, I remember my brother purchasing an Atari 2600 with Missile Command. Thank you Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney for creating the console that got me started.

Born and raised in Toronto, I started my Post Secondary Education with a Design Foundation course before moving on to 3D Animation, and then eventually Game Design. When I’m not working on projects, I enjoy hanging out with family, watching movies, playing games and watching Manchester United matches as well as Leaf games.

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aka. Josh Kay

I’m Duetoxplode (Due-to-xplode) and a Software Engineer at OSnap! Games.  I still have no idea if I actually like this handle at all.  Apparently nobody has any idea how to say it.  I’ve used it since I was twelve and never bothered to change it.

I recently graduated from George Brown College with a Game Programming diploma.  I began my time here as an intern, and have since climbed the ranks.  This is my first real step into the industry and I have enjoyed every second of it.

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aka. Eric Correia

I’m Kanni, and I am a 3D Artist at OSnap Games. 

I’ve been developing 3D art for just under two years at this point.

My humble start came from studying at George Brown College, which in itself, is useless, but this is where I took a bunch of initiative to meet and connect quite a few professors that are very active in the games industry. A mixed bag of some that work at Ubisoft Toronto, and some others have past professional experience contracting out other AAA companies.

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aka. Allaura Crossley

I’m vleize and I’m a lowly intern here at OSnap! Games; also the resident concept artist. I’ve been drawing for as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil, and playing games for almost equally as long. Currently, I’m a third year student at George Brown College in their Game Development program.

I’m what you’d probably call a “second generation” gamer. My dad is really into games, and so he introduced my brother and me to the consoles and stories that he loved very early on in my life. Playing Super Mario World on the SNES together is one of the first times I can really remember being mesmerised by a game, and from there, my love for them has only grown.

I remember spending hours and hours with my GameCube when I was younger, being inspired by all of the stories and visuals. I’d then run off to go and draw things based off of what I saw in game, and then extrapolate on those ideas to make my own worlds. My absolute favourite thing to work on was characters though, and I’ve probably got dozens of sketchbooks filled with ideas for games. The day I found out that concept art was a real job that people actually got paid for was probably the most universe-altering day of my life as a kid.

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aka. Taylor Vujic

Hey! I’m Taylor a programming inter here at OSnapGames!

I’m a recent graduate from George Brown College. Working here at OSnapGames! is the beginning of my professional career in the video game industry. 

My favourite part about my job is I get to make cool and interesting things everyday. Making and destroying things has always been the two things I’ve been good at, so waking up and making and breaking things all day every day is a blessing.

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aka. JD Veilleux-Foppiano

I’m Skell and a Programmer at OSnap Games. Skell is short form for skeleton.

Most of my time programming for games, I’ve been a modder. For the past 5 years I’ve spent my time working on mods for a survival-horror game called Killing Floor and its recent successor, Killing Floor 2.

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aka. Sana Khan

Hi! I’m Seren and the 3D Effects Artist at OSnap Games. My role here is creating flashy particle effects for Quasar.

I always loved to draw. I used to doodle a lot in-between my school notes, often drawing characters based on my favorite shows and video games. At that time, I was hooked on RPGs and fantasy-based games like Golden Sun and The Legend of Zelda.

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