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Badmath aka. Blaise Lacktis

picBadmathI’m Badmath. I write and record the music at OSnap Games and handle the social media creation side of things. Music has been very important to me as I come from a very musical family, one where the average holiday gathering ends up turning into a jam session

My career in music started the same as most musicians, playing in garages and small gigs trying to learn the trade. I recorded multiple full length albums as a studio-guitarist and ended up being a touring guitarist for a solo project. After awhile, I took a break from the professional music scene, I decided to write and record my music from then on and in 2010 co-founded/co-hosted a weekly airing family-friendly podcast. I used my year-long position hosting this podcast as an opportunity to learn more about the recording and technical side of a studio. I hope to use my knowledge and experience to create the soundtrack to plenty of epic gaming moments.

Games have always been a big part of my life. Being a kid with parents that traveled the country singing city-to-city, video games became my favourite past-time. Even after growing up and traveling myself, video games gave me an avenue to hang out with friends no matter where I was.

Name 5 of your favourite games:

  1. The Portal series. Hands down my favourite series, everything from the story, puzzles, to the soundtrack. I love that series.
  2. Goldeneye 007 for the N64. Many, many hours spent running around the Facility. Great game!
  3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert. I suck at RTS games, the creativity of the units for the time it was released and that absolutely amazing soundtrack keeps it on my list.
  4. Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict. Many nights spent with friends and absolutely crushing them in this game… I can’t hate a game I’m really good at… Right?
  5. The Bioshock series. I love everything about the entire series. Except maybe how powerful I felt in the second one. Felt almost too easy, but then again being god-like is fun too.

Is there a specific moment or reason that lead you to wanting to build games?

When I was younger, I played Medal of Honor 2 on the PS1. There was a moment when I was surrounded by enemies, huddled in a corner behind a truck trying to dodge a few bullets when out of nowhere the soundtrack kicked in with an amazing song. It was perfect for the moment. It was an intense song and set the mood for one of the most memorable “rush into the fray” moments I’ve ever had in a game. Since then I always had the dream of working on games and making awesome moments like that.

Who is your favourite game character and why?

He’s hardly a mention in the game, but Doug Rattmann from the Portal series. I can’t really explain without spoiling anything… and if you haven’t played the Portal series yet, what’s wrong with you?

What is your favourite weapon from any video game?

Cerebral Bore from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Charge’er up and watch the brains fly. Awesomely disgusting!

Favourite or most epic moment in your gaming history?

Halo 2 – Midship – Team Slayer – Phantoms… the worst game setup in history. I somehow managed to be the one who got the plasma sword. I got 49 of 50 kills in a 50:1 Win. No one ever believes me when I tell this story… Since no one believes me, Crossing into Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. When “Far Away” by Jose Gonzalez starts playing. That might be my favourite game moment ever.