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Seren aka. Sana Khan

Hi! I’m Seren and the 3D Effects Artist at OSnap Games. My role here is creating flashy particle effects for Quasar.

I always loved to draw. I used to doodle a lot in-between my school notes, often drawing characters based on my favorite shows and video games. At that time, I was hooked on RPGs and fantasy-based games like Golden Sun and The Legend of Zelda.

During the last year of high school, I learned how to draw digitally in my spare time after being inspired by my favorite fanart on Deviantart. Eventually I decided to do my bachelors in Interactive Multimedia and Design where I got to learn Game Design and Animation. That’s where I first learned how to create art in 3D, including modelling and particle effects which I eventually applied to what I’m doing currently for Quasar.

Name 5 of your favourite games:

  1. Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are definitely top on list. They had the best GBA graphics of its time (particularly the summons), a beautiful soundtrack and story. Being one of the first games I owned, GS always brings back fond memories. One in particular was going into random houses and see what was cooking in the oven. Yumm…
  2. Fire Emblem 7: Rekka No Ken What I liked about the FE series was the tactical strategy gameplay. Trying to keep all my units alive, get all the items and recruit everyone in every level was always a fun challenge. I particularly loved the characters in FE7, especially Lyn, and liked how out of all the GBA games in this series, this version is the only one where you’re a character as well.
  3. Runescape (2005-2006) This was my first MMORPG and one I spent countless hours on trying to level up higher than my friends. Despite never being a member, I enjoyed solving the free quests and random holiday events, listening to the soundtrack, and of course exploring the wild….Arrgh Dragons!!!
  4. Speaking of dragons…Skyrim is my favorite RPG with regards to gameplay. It pretty much had everything I could want in an RPG. I get to explore a huge world, go on an endless amount of quests, work on a variety of skills, build houses and even turn into a werewolf!
  5. Super Smash Bros Brawl was the first version I played in the Super Smash series. I loved competing against my friends in Free for All mode. The soundtrack was epic and the stage graphics and effects at that time were awesome.

Is there a specific moment or reason that lead you to wanting to build games?

I can’t remember an exact moment since there were so many however during the last year of high school I was certain it was something I wanted to do. A couple of my friends and I tried to come up with a text based RPG set in a steampunk world. We never actually finished it but I’d say that was the starting point for me. And funny enough, during grad, I was named ‘most likely to design a video game’. Sounded like a challenge lol!

Who is your favourite game character and why?

Gah! There’s waay too many to choose from! Especially since I love RPGs and games with good character development. But if I have to choose, it would be Felix from Golden Sun. I like his personality and his psynergy attacks are super cool, especially Ragnorak and Odyssey.

What is your favourite weapon from any video game?

The Kikuichimonji sword from Golden Sun. A super rare item drop and one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Loved when it summoned Asura to attack my enemies.

Favourite or most epic moment in your gaming history?

Honestly, I can’t remember any particular moment. Although, the ending of every game I played had its own epic moment.