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XenonWolf aka. Taylor Vujic

Hey! I’m Taylor a programming intern here at OSnapGames!

I’m a recent graduate from George Brown College. Working here at OSnapGames! is the beginning of my professional career in the video game industry. 

My favourite part about my job is I get to make cool and interesting things everyday. Making and destroying things has always been the two things I’ve been good at, so waking up and making and breaking things all day every day is a blessing.

Name 5 of your favourite games:

  1. Dead Space 2  This game. Oh man this game. Beautiful. Masterpiece. I can’t say anymore without tarnishing the game. It was just amazing. This is the reason I started making games.

  2. Bioshock This game has my favorite character of all time in it more on him later, but just an amazing world created with great story telling and strong gameplay. This game is another strong reason I wanted to start programming games and the sequels inspired me to make more and more insane creations.

  3. Left For Dead Franchise These games are amazing and give me such a nostalgic feeling when I play them. Followed by THE best game play in a multiplayer game.

  4. Resistance 2 When I first played this game I was a huge baby and couldn’t play past the second level cause it scared the living crap out of me. Soon after that I maned up and finished the game and fell in love with the multiplayer co-op mission and would play for hours. This game also gives me a strong nostalgic feel, as of writing this I’m going to watch game play of this.

  5. This last game does not fit this list of gore and destruction, but whatever it’s amazing. The Ratchet and Clank Franchise is some pure gold. This is yet another game from my childhood/preteens that I can’t pass up on it being in this list. It laid the foundation of my love for video games.

Is there a specific moment or reason that lead you to wanting to build games?

The game that inspired me the most to start making games was Dead space 2. At first I wanted to be a level designer, because the design and through put into some of those levels and the world that is Dead space just blew my mind. I loved making things on the computer and had the school for modeling and programming so when it came time to choose what to do for schooling I decided to program and well here I am.

Who is your favourite game character and why?

Sander Cohen is my favourite video game character. He is one of the man insane people who come from the Bioshock series. My favourite thing about this character is how he portrays the perfect mad man similar to the Joker. He flips in a moments notice to crazy when his art is not perfect or is tarnished by terrible subject and murders them for not being perfect in his eyes. Truly an amazing antagonist for the series.

What is your favourite weapon from any video game?

Plasma cutter from Dead space. It’s Op. It’s a classic. Nothing more need be said.

Favourite or most epic moment in your gaming history?

Oh this one time I Ryuu ga Wagateki wo Kurau and killed like four people in Overwatch that was a thing.